7 Home Design Tips

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Looking to redesign your home?

Then you need to look at the 7 home design tips below.

  1. Determine your goals – At the start of the process you need to determine what your goals are for the project. This is a very important step since without well defined goals you can explode your budget and have unforeseen consequences take place in your project.  Well defined goals help you better achieve what you want on time and within budget.
  2. Establish a budget – This is another very important step that you must do at the beginning of the process. Establishing a budget for your project is important since you need this to help the designer and contractor know the boundaries they have to work within.  The last thing you want to do is have a designer develop a project that you love that is well outside of your projected budget, so establishing this early on it vital.
  3. Sketch a plan – Once you have your goals determined and your budget established the next step is to have a designer sketch plans for you.  If you have any type of artistic ability you should attempt to draw what you have in mind to give the designer a better idea of what you want.  Even if you can not draw a lick, you should cut out or print out examples of what you like to give the designer an idea of the direction you are looking to go.  The more you help with ideas and visuals the better chance you have of getting exactly what you want from the designer.
  4. Collect Samples – Once the designer has drawn your plans your next step is to begin to collect samples of the materials you would like to see in the developed design.  The designer will most likely have a materials board that has examples of what they envisioned for the design, but you need to take this and really determine if this is what you want.  Go to Home Depot or other home improvement stores and even manufacturing places to get an idea of the materials you want to see in your design.  This will give you a better idea of the cost involved and help you see if you are within your projected budget and if you need to change materials based on this fact.
  5. Rethink about lighting – Lighting is a very important part of any design.  Lighting can make a project or make a project look bleak.  When you are deciding on the type of lighting to use within your project let the designer guide you with best practice ideas but make sure to go to stores to see what this means and how this will impact the look of the space you are designing.  Your lighting choices can make or break the project and having a example of this prior to the final design can help save you money and heart ache.
  6. Know your sizes – You should know the square footage you are trying to plan for.  Knowing the size can help you when it comes to shopping for furniture and fixtures.  If you are off by even an inch a couch that you love may not fit or a table may look out of place.  So measuring the space is important so you can know what your parameters are when shopping for furniture and fixtures.  Your designer should be able to assist here, since the plans they design for you will have dimensions.
  7. Don’t be afraid to take risk – When designing your space don’t be afraid to take chances with colors.  Many people like to stay neutral and go with what usually works, but taking a chance can really make a room pop.  Again use the designers suggestions here, but give them the latitude to present different ideas on colors that are out of the norm but can really bring life to a space.

These tips can really help you design a space that is special and stands out from the crowd.  If you want to develop a space that takes your home to another level follow many of these tips and give your designer a little latitude in their design decisions.

The next blog post will look at DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home improvement ideas.  So if you are thinking of doing your redesign by yourself, you need to read the next post and take notes.  If you have any comments regarding this post leave them below.

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