5 Exterior Home Remodeling Enhancements


Remodeling your home can be a very challenging thing to do. Whether you are doing your home remodel to spruce up the place and get your home looking its best, or you are preparing to sell your home, remodeling can make your house look extravagant. You can see in past post where we talk about remodeling tips for the interior and exterior. Below we will look at 5 exterior remodeling enhancements you can make to your home to help it increase in value no matter your reason for doing it.

1. Enhance the exterior siding – The siding on your home will wear over time and you must be aware of this when you are planning to enhance the exterior. Siding can be an eye sore if not addressed properly. You should take a slow stroll around your house and look at the siding with a detailed eye. Look for any cracks or signs of wear and tear. If you see any signs of decay you need to address this immediately, since it can be a sign of a bigger problem. When you take the time to enhance and upgrade your siding where needed you will gain extreme curb appeal that can make your home the best on the block.

2. Enhance the entry door – The entrance door is the first exterior element most people will have direct contact with. When you think about the exterior siding even if you address the areas seen by people from the street, you can leave aspects that are not seen for a later date. The entry door is something people will have contact with and you need to make sure you are putting your best foot forward. So check out your entry door and do what is necessary to make it a good first impression.

3. Enhance your garage door – The garage door depending on where it is might be something you can put off for a later date, but if you are selling your home it needs to be addressed. The garage door gets a lot of use daily so making sure you examine the door for wear and tear is important. Often times just cleaning the garage door and washing it down is enough but you have to look into it to determine what needs to be done.

4. Enhance your windows – The windows on your home can really make a difference when it comes to improving the value of your home. You should take a close look at the wear and tear of the window frames and the window pane. See if there are any areas where you have air infiltration or where you have decay taking place that needs to be repaired. Repairing or replacing windows can be a big deal and the company you call and assist with this. One company we have come across Shrewsbury Window Company, does a great job of repairing, replacing, or installing your windows, but even more they take the time to go over a maintenance plan with you to avoid long term problems. We wanted to mention them since they were one of the few companies that went above and beyond to really walk you through the install process and teaching you how to take care of them so they can last a lifetime.

5. Enhance your patio – The patio or deck is where most people have a lot of gatherings so making sure this area looks the part is important. If you are making enhancements to your home for personal reasons then you can probably leave this area on the back burner for others discussed above, but if this is to sell your home you need to address this area as well. A nice deck or patio can really sell a home so if you enhance it in the right way then you are in the best possible position to make a statement with your new housing remodel.

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